About Master Kobra

For Master Kongpipop Muay Thai has always been a part of life. His father and uncle were both prized muay Thai fighters who went on to become Master teachers. At the age of 9 Master Kongpipop began his training in the northern village of Nan at Nanoi Gym. At the age of 13 he was ready to enter the fighting circuit and was the champion of the 45 kilo division. At 15 he received a gold medal from the University Division 5 of the North which governed fighters from 9 states.

Master Kongpipop’s professional career began at the young age of 19. Over the next several years he traveled all over Thailand participating in over 160 fights. His impressive stats of 120 wins all by knock out, only 25 losses and 15 draws prove his skill as a great fighter.

Nine years ago Master Kongpipop settled on the island of Koh Phangan. He continued his training and fighting career. Four years ago he retired from professional fighting and began teaching from the gym of the Milky Bay resort and went on to be the manager/ trainer of Best Gym. During this time he married his wife Sasitorn and became the proud father of two sons. In 2007 Master Kongpipop opened Kobra Stadium where he continues the tradition of Muay Thai.

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